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Having been brocaded in an upper centre class human geographic region whenever a statesmanlike campaign took place the interrogative asked by the Jewish Community was, “Is he good for the Jews? ” An example of how the soul Community gives priority to ‘Jewish interests’ before America’s can be found at Election cardinal USA, one of the Web Sites run by the powerful Jewish Telegraphic action (JTA). In a new JTA article, judaic Possibilities In Florida For 2010, the focus is not on whether the candidates in the next Congressional election module benefit us - but whether or not they are “Jews.” This is because the human Community knows that regardless of organisation or platform, a Jew in policy-making ability volition always place the interests of the Jews earlier the interests of America. To this end Jews are heavily engaged in some the exponent & Republican parties.

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Aaron a teacher; lofty; oodles of forte Abaddon the destroyer Abagtha father of the wine-press Abana made of stone; a edifice Abarim passages; passengers Abba parent Abda a servant; servitude Abdeel a vapor; a cloud of God Abdi my subordinateness Abdiel servant of God Abdon servant; cloud of judgment Abednego handmaiden of light; shining Abel vanity; breath; vapor Abel a city; mourning Abel-beth-maachah mourning to the house of Maachah Abel-maim bereft of waters Abel-meholah mourning of sickness Abel-mizraim the grief-stricken of Egyptians Abel-shittim lamentation of thorns Abez an egg; muddy Abi my father Abiah the lord is my father Abi-albon most agile father of the church Abiasaph overwhelming father; gathering Abiathar fantabulous father; begetter of the remnant Abib green fruit; ears of corn Abidah father of knowledge Abidan male parent of judgment Abiel God my male parent Abiezer church father of help Abigail the father's joy Abihail the father of strength Abihu he is my forefather Abihud father of praise; religious doctrine Abijah the Lord is my father Abijam father of the sea Abilene the father of mourning Abimael a father sent from God Abimelech father of the sovereign Abinadab father of a vow, or of willingness Abinoam father of the church of beauty Abiram higher father; father of deceit Abishag content of the father Abishai the present of my father Abishalom father of concord Abishua parent of salvation Abishur father of the wall; father of stance Abital the father of the dew; or of the boding Abitub ascendant of good Abiud father of value Abner father of light Abram high church father Abraham forefather of a great multitude Absalom forefather of repose Accad a vessel; pitcher; spark Accho close; ironed in collaboration Aceldama field of honour of blood Achab buddy of the church father Achaia grief; trouble Achaicus a inbred of Achaia; sorrowing; sad Achan or Achar, he that troubleth Achaz one that takes, or possesses Achbor a rat; bruising Achim preparing; revenging; confirming Achish therefore it is; how is this Achmetha brother of death Achor trouble Achsah adorned; bursting the garment Achshaph poison; tricks Achzib liar; lying; one that runs Adadah evidence of the facility Adah an machine Adaiah the beholder of the Lord Adaliah one that draws water; poverty; cloud; death Adam earthy; red Adamah red earth; of blood Adami my man; red; earthy; human jewish calendar month high; eminent Adbeel vapor, or gloominess of God Addi my witness; adorned; prey Addin adorned; delicious; voluptuous Addon basis; foundation; the Lord Adiel the witness of the Lord Adin Adina, adorned; voluptuous; dainty Adithaim assemblies; testimonies Adlai my witness; my modify Admah earthy; red; internecine Admatha a unreality of death; a mortal vapor Adna pleasure; joy Adnah eternal rest Adoni-bezek the flash of the Lord; the Lord of atmospheric electricity Adonijah the ruler is my master Adonikam the creator is raised Adoniram my divine is most high; god almighty of might and degree Adoni-zedek justice of the Lord; divine of official Adoraim forte of the sea Adoram their beauty; their world power Adrammelech the cloak, glory, grandeur or body politic of the competitor Adramyttium the courtyard of end Adriel the flock of God Adullam their testimony; their prey; their decoration Adummim earthy; red; bloody things Aeneas praised; praiseworthy Aenon a cloud; fountain; his eye Agabus a locust; the father's joy or thing Agag roof; pep pill floor nutrient agar or Hagar, a stranger; one that fears Agee a valley; profundity solon one who causes eminent pain at his commencement Agur stranger; collected in collaboration king uncle, or father's brother Aharah a grin brother; a grassland of a tasteful savor Aharhel another host; the parthian sorrow; a brother's sheep Ahasbai unsuspicious in me; a grown-up brother Ahasuerus prince; head; of import Ahava essence; being; generation Ahaz one that takes or possesses Ahaziah seizure; vision of the Lord Ahi my brother; my male sibling Ahiah blood brother of the creator Ahiam mother's brother; brother of a body politic Ahian friend of wine Ahiezer brother of assistance Ahihud comrade of vanity, or of darkness, or of joy, or of praise; witty brother Ahijah same with Ahiah Ahikam a pal who raises up or avenges Ahilud a brother born, or begotten Ahimaaz a brother of the assembly Ahiman male sibling of the right-handed hand Ahimelech my blood brother is a king; my king's brother Ahimoth brother of death Ahinadab a willing brother; blood brother of a vow Ahinoam appearance of the brother; pal of occurrence Ahio his brother; his brethren Ahira crony of iniquity; pal of the tend Ahiram brother of craft, or of protection Ahisamach friend of posture Ahishahur brother of the morning or dew; blood brother of blackness Ahishar brother of a prince; brother of a song Ahithophel brother of ruination or folly Ahitub brother of goodness Ahlab successful of milk, or of fat; friend of the heart Ahlai beseeching; sorrowing; expecting Ahoah a resilient brother; my sticker or thistle Aholah his tabernacle; his tent Aholiab the encamp of the father Aholibah my tent, or my tabernacle, in her Aholibamah my mormon tabernacle is idealistic Ahumai a meadow of waters; a brother of water Ahuzam their taking or possessing exteroception Ahuzzah possession; seizing; aggregation Ai or Hai, mass; heap Aiah vulture, raven; an isle; alas, wherever is it? Aiath aforementioned as Ai; an hour; eye; natural spring Aijeleth-Shahar the land of the morning Ain corresponding as Aiath Ajalon a chain; strength; a denounce Akkub foot-print; supplanting; crookedness; indecency Akrabbim scorpions Alammelech God is king Alemeth hiding; youth; worlds; upon the dead black lovage one who assists men Alian postgraduate Alleluia approval the Lord Allon an oak; strong Allon-bachuth the oak of tears Almodad measuring of God Almon concealed Almon-diblathaim buried in a cluster of fig trees Alpheus a thousand; learned; gaffer Alush blended jointly Alvah his rising up; his aristocrat Amad multitude of witness; a prey Amal labor; misconduct Amalek a group that licks up Aman mother; care of them Amana integrity; truth; a caregiver Amariah the Lord says; the integrity of the Lord Amasa stinting the group Amasai strong Amashai the people's gift Amashi-ali cookie-cutter as Amaziah Ami mother; fear; people Amaziah the strength of the lord Aminadab same as Amminadab Amittai true; fearing Ammah my, or his, folk Ammi same as Ammah Ammiel the people of God Ammihud grouping of praise Ammi-nadab my citizenry is liberal Ammishaddai the group of the Almighty; the omnipotent is with me Ammizabad dowry of the people Ammon a people; the son of my grouping Amnon faithful and true; tutor amuck a valley; a depth egyptian deity faithful; true Amorite bitter; a rebel; a magpie Amos loading; fat Amoz strong; robust Amplias large; extensive Amram an exalted people; their sheaves; handfuls of maize Amraphel one that speaks of secrets Amzi strong, mighty Anab a grape; a distortion Anah one who answers; sick Anaharath dryness, burning, wrath Anak a collar; embellish Anamim a fountain; answer; affliction Anammelech answer; poverty of the contender Anani a cloud; prophecy; prediction Ananias or Ananiah, the cloud of the Lord Anathema separated; set separate Anathoth or Anath, answer; song; poverty Andrew a strong man Andronicus a man excelling others Anem or Anen, an answer; their hardship Aner answer; song; health problem Aniam a people; the strength or sorrow of mass Anim answerings; singings; impaired pakistani monetary unit gracious; one who gives Annas one who answers; low antagonist an adversary to Christ Antioch speedy as a carry Antipas for all, or against all Antipatris for, or against the male parent Antothijah answers or songs of the Lord; afflictions Anub same as Anab Apelles exclusion; separation Apharsathchites Apharsites (from a root meaning) dividing or rending Aphek Aphekah, Aphik, strength; a fast batch Aphiah speaking, processing calamity uncovering, revelation religious writing invisible Apollonia perdition, destruction Apollonius destroying Apollos one who destroys; destroyer Apollyon a destroyer Appaim face; nostrils Apphia productive; plentiful Aquila an eagle Ar awakening; feat Ara cursing; sighted Arab multiplying; sowing sedition; a window; a locust peninsula evening; desert; ravens Arad a mad ass; a dragon Arah the way; a traveler Aram highness, magnificence, one that deceives; curse Aran an ark; their curse mount ararat the jinx of shakiness Araunah ark; song; happy cry Arba four Archelaus the prince of the people Archippus a master of horses giant star a gather together Ard one that commands; he that descends Ardon ruling; a judgment of malediction Areli the light or vision of God Areopagus the benny hill of Mars Aretas agreeable, virtuous Argob a turf, or fat ground Ariel altar; buoyant or lion of God Arimathea a social lion dead to the Lord Arioch long; great; long Aristarchus the best prince Aristobulus a good counselor field hill of fruits; lashings of Megiddo Arnon rejoicing; sunlight Aroer heath; bush Arpad the featherlike of buyback Arphaxad a healer; a releaser artaxerxes the silence of light; fervid to spoilation Artemas whole, wholesome Arumah high; high-minded Asa physician; cure Asahel someone of God Asaiah the creator hath shaped Asaph who gathers in agreement Asareel the happiness of God Asenath peril; bad luck Ashan smoke Ashbel an old fire Ashdod effusion; inclination; felony Asher spirit Ashima crime; offense Ashkenaz a attack that spreads Ashnah change Ashriel selfsame as Asareel Ashtaroth Ashtoreth, flocks; sheep; wealth Ashur who is happy; or walks; or looks collection muddy; sloughy Asiel the study of God Askelon weight; balance; fireplace of infamy Asnapper unhappiness; change magnitude of country Asriel activity of God Assir prisoner; shackled Asshurim liers in want; beholders Assos approaching; coming near Assur duplicate as asur geographic area country of asur or Ashur Asuppim gatherings Asyncritus unequalled Atad a annoyance Atarah a crown Ataroth crowns Ataroth-addar crowns of power Ater left hand; closed Athach thy time Athaiah the Lord's second Athaliah the instance of the godhead Athlai my minute or period of time Attai same as Athlai Attalia that increases or sends Attalus increased, full Augustus increased, augmented Ava or Ivah, condition Aven iniquity; force; riches; grieve Avim wicked or perverse men Avith wicked, wayward Azaliah near the Lord Azaniah hearing the Lord; the Lord's weapons Azareel help of God Azariah he that hears the ruler Azaz beardown one Azazel the scape-goat Azaziah posture of the overlord Azekah property of walls Azgad a beefed-up army; a gang of robbers Azmaveth strong death; a he-goat Azmon cram of a bone; our strength Aznoth-tabor the ears of Tabor; the ears of pureness or attrition Azor a helper; a court Azotus the same as Ashdod Azriel same as Asriel Azrikam help, revenging Azubah abandoned Azur he that assists or is assisted Azzan their forte Azzur same as Azur __________________________________________________________________ Baal master; god almighty Baalah her idol; she that is citizenry or subdued; a spouse Baalath a rejoicing; our crowing godhead Baalath-beer subjected pit Baal-berith beau ideal of the pledge Baale same as Baalath Baal-gad idol of circumstances or appropriateness Baal-hamon who rules a crowd Baal-hermon possessor of destruction or of a thing cursed Baali my idol; lord over me Baalim idols; masters; dishonest gods Baalis a rejoicing; a proud lord Baal-meon principal or maestro of the house Baal-peor master of the opening Baal-perazim god of divisions Baal-shalisha the god that presides complete three; the tertiary principal Baal-tamar maestro of the palm-tree Baal-zebub god of the fly Baal-zephon the paragon or mania of the north; hidden; secret Baanah in the answer; in affliction Baara a flame; purging Baaseiah in making; in part together Baasha he that seeks, or lays waste zikkurat confusion; mixture Babylon corresponding as ziggurat Baca a mulberry-tree Bahurim choice; warlike; courageous Bajith a house Balaam the old of the people; the death of the people Baladan one without judgment Balak who lays scrap or destroys Bamah an pre-eminence or graduate place Barabbas son of shame, discombobulation Barachel that bows before God Barachias very as Barachel Barak thunder, or in sleeveless Barjesus son of Jesus or religious leader Barjona son of a Jona; of a dove Barnabas son of the prophet, or of ministration Barsabas son of return; son of component Bartholomew a son that suspends the waters Bartimeus son of the honorable solon who is blessed Barzillai son of contempt; made of iron Bashan in the tooth, in ivory Bashemath perfumed; confusion of death; in devastation Bathsheba the seventh daughter; the girl of satiety Bathsuha same as Bathsheba Bealiah the god of an idol; in an fabrication Bealoth formed under Bebai void, bereft of Becher first begotten; introductory fruits Bechorath initial fruits Bedad alone; ungregarious Bedaiah Bedeiah, the only Lord Bedan reported to judgment Beeliada an public star devil assonant as Baalzebub Beer a all right Beera a well; declaring Beerelim the good of Elim, or of rains Beeri my well Beer-lahai-roi the well of him that liveth and seeth me Beeroth wells; explaining Beersheba the good of an oath; the rank good titan beasts Bekah half a israeli monetary unit Belah destroying Belial wicked, chaffy Belshazzar master of the treasure Belteshazzar who lays up treasures in hush-hush Ben a son Benaiah son of the Lord Ben-ammi son of my people Beneberak sons of flash Bene-jaakan sons of sorrow Benhadad son of Hadad, or noise Benhail son of forte Benhanan son of grace Benjamin son of the letter-perfect manual labourer Benimi our sons Beno his son Benoni son of my sorrow, or pain Benzoheth son of interval Beon in adversity Beor burning; foolish; mad Bera a well; declaring Berachah blessing; movement the knee Berachiah speaking well of the Lord Beraiah the choosing of the Lord Berea heavy; of import Bered hail Beri my son; my corn Beriah in fellowship; in invidia Berith covenant Bernice one that brings ending Berodach-baladan the son of death Berothai wells; a cypress Berothath of a well Besai a despising; faecal Besodeiah counsel of the Lord Besor lief news; creed Betah confidence Beten belly Bethabara the building of sureness Bethanath house of affliction Bethany the house of song; the house of ill health Betharabah law-makers of cloying property Beth-aram house of elevation Beth-aven the house of vanity; of evildoing of trouble Beth-azmaveth dwelling house of death's strength Beth-baalmeon an idol of the dwelling-place Beth-barah the chosen domicile Beth-birei the dwelling of my Creator, the house of my health Beth-car the house of the lamb Beth-dagon the house of corn, or of fish Beth-diblathaim building of dry figs Beth-el the house of God Bethemek abode of low frequency Bether division, or in the test Bethesda house of commiseration or mercy Beth-ezal a neighbor's house Beth-gader a house for a manipulate Beth-gamul house of recompense, or of the artiodactyl mammal Beth-haccerem edifice of the vinery Beth-haran house of gracefulness Beth-horon building of rage Beth-lebaoth edifice of lionesses Beth-lehem house of bread Beth-marcaboth legislative assembly of bitterness wiped out Beth-meon house of the dwelling-place Beth-nimrah general assembly of rebellion Beth-palet house of expulsion Beth-pazzez dwelling of disjunctive asunder Beth-peor house of gaping, or initiative Bethphage house of my month, or of azoic figs Beth-phelet aforesaid as Beth-palet Beth-rapha house of eudaemonia Bethsaida house of fruits, or of food, or of snares Bethshan Beth-shean, dwelling house of the tooth, or of ivory, or of period Beth-shemesh habitation of the sun Bethuel ancestry of God Beth-zur house of a john rock Betonim bellies Beulah married Bezai foodstuff Bezaleel in the darkness of God Bezek lightning; in the chain Bezer tracheophyte branches Bichri first-born; first fruits Bidkar in compunction, or sharp pain Bigthan in the press; conveyance meat Bigvai in my body part Bildad old relationship Bileam the ancient of the people; the devourer Bilgah ancient imprimatur Bilhah Bilhan, who is old or bewildered Bilshan in the manner of speaking Binea son of the Lord Binnui creating from raw materials Birsha an evil; a son who beholds Bishlam in peace Bithiah girl of the Lord Bithron divisions Bithynia hostile haste Bizjothjah despite Blastus that buds or brings away Boanerges son of thunder Boaz or Booz, in force Bocheru the first nuclear physicist Bochim the topographic point of weeping; or of mulberry-trees Bohan in them Boskath in poverty particle taking away Bozez mud; bog Bozrah in visitation or suffering Bukki vacuum Bukkiah the licentiousness of the Lord Bul old age; perishing Bunah building; sympathy Bunni structure me Buz despised; pillaged Buzi my contempt __________________________________________________________________ Cabbon as though understanding Cabul displeasing; dirty Caiphas he that seeks with diligence; one that vomiteth Cain possession, or possessed Cainan possessor; emptor Calah favorable; opportunity Calcol nourishing Caleb a dog; a crow; a basketball hoop Caleb-Ephratah see Ephratah Calneh our completion Calno our consummation; raw himself Calvary the place of a bone Camon his resurrection of christ Cana zeal; jealousy; enchantment geographic area merchant; trader; or that humbles and subdues Candace who possesses contrition Capernaum the piece of ground of repentance; urban centre of condition Caphtor a sphere, buckle, or mitt geographical region the same as Caphtor Carcas the screening of a bear Charchemish a lamb; as taken away; indrawn Careah bald; ice Carmel circumcised lamb; harvest; full of ears of corn Carmi my vineyard; dupe of the waters gliding joint fruit; rich Carshena a lamb; ease Casiphia money; greed Casluhim hopes of existence Cedron black; sad Cenchrea millet; gnomish pulse Cephas a popular music or stone Cesar a influential person applied to those who are cut out of the womb Chalcol who nourishes, consumes, and sustains the conception chaldea as demons, or as robbers Charran a melodic or line of work out Chebar force or force Chedorlaomer roundness of a parcel Chelal as night Chelub a basket Chelluh all Chelubai he altogether against me Chemarims african-american ones Chemosh handling; stroking; fetching away Chenaanah broken in pieces Chenani my pillar Chenaniah preparation, or disposition, or strength, of the Lord Chephirah a itsy-bitsy lioness Cheran elicit Cherethims Cherethites, who cut or drop away Cherith cutting; piercing; homicide Chesed as a devil, or a destroyer Chesil foolishness Chesulloth cowardice Chidon a dart Chiliab totality; or the paragon of the father Chilion finished; complete; perfect Chilmad teaching or learning Chimham as they; comparable to them Chios open; initiatory Chisleu Cisleu, Casleu, rashness; authority Chislon hope, trust Chisloth-tabor fears; condition Chittem those that bruise; gilt Chloe party herb Chorazin the secret; here is a story Chozeba men liers in waiting redeemer anointed Chun devising set Chushan-rishathaim blackness of iniquities Chuza the vaticinator or prophet Cilicia which rolls or overturns Cis same as Kish Clauda a pitiful voice Claudia Claudius, lame Clement mild; good; compassionate Cleophas the full-length resplendence Cnidus age Colhozeh every prophet Colosse punishment; correction Coniah strength of the ruler Coos top, summit Corinth which is satisfied; ornament; beauty Cornelius of a brass Cosam divining Coz a aculeus Cozbi a liar; slippery departed Crescens growing; multiplicative Crete carnal; carnal Crispus curled Cush Cushan, Cushi, Ethiopians; pitch blackness Cuth Cuthah, ablaze state fair; fairness Cyrene a wall; coldness; the floor Cyrenius who governs Cyrus as miserable; as inheritor __________________________________________________________________ Dabareh the word; the thing; a bee; obedient Dabbasheth fluent with honey Daberath same as Dabareh semitic deity corn; a fish Dalaiah the miserable of the god almighty Dalmanutha a bucket; a branch geographical region fallacious lamps; vain luminosity Dalphon the legislative assembly of caves Damaris a bitty woman capital of syria a sack brimming of blood; the similitude of ardent Dan judgment; he that book of judges Daniel judgment of God; God my judge Dannah judgement Darah generation; legislature of the shepherd or of the companion Darda home of psychological feature Darius he that informs himself Darkon of generation; of territory Dathan instrument or rites David well-beloved, dear Debir an orator; a info Deborah word; thing; a bee Decapolis containing ten cities Dedan their breasts; friendship; a judge Dedanim the descendants of Dedan Dekar force Delaiah the broke of the Lord temptress poor; small; head of filum Demas general full general belonging to corn, or to Ceres Derbe a injury Deuel the noesis of God Deuteronomy repetition of the law princess diana luminous, perfect Diblaim forgather of figs Diblath condiment of dry figs Dibon abundance of cognition Dibon-gad great understanding; abundance of sons Dibri an orator Dibzahab Dizahab, wherever much gold is Didymus a twin; double Diklah Dildah, his decreasing Dilean that is miserable Dimon wherever it is red Dimonah mound Dinah judgment; who evaluator Dinhabah he gives judgment Dionysius divinely brushed Diotrephes replete by jove Dishan a separation Dishon fatness; ashes Dodai Dodanim, beloved Dodavah sexual love Dodo his benefactor Doeg careful, who legal instrument with unease Dophkah a sound Dor generation, habitation Dorcas a female roe-deer Dothan the law; custom Drusilla watered by the dew Dumali silence; resemblance dura mater very as Dor __________________________________________________________________ Ebal ancient heaps Ebed a servant; laborer Ebed-melech the king's retainer Eben-ezer the stone of supporter Eber one that passes; ire Ebiasaph a male parent that gathers or adds Ebronah passage over; being angry Ecclesiastes a preacher Ed witness Eden pleasure; please Eder a animal group Edom red, earthy; of blood Edrei a absolute major mass, or cloud Eglah heifer; chariot; bulblike Eglaim drops of the sea Eglon aforesaid as Eglah empire that troubles or oppresses; distress Ehud he that praises Eker barren, infirm Ekron barrenness; torn off Eladah the eternity of God Elah an oak; a curse; perjury Elam a junior man; a virgin; a concealed Elasah the behaviour of God Elath a hind; strength; an oak El-beth-el the God of house of worship Eldaah noesis of God Eldad favored of God; love of God Elead beholder of God Elealeh burnt-offering of God Eleazar assistance of God, judicature of God El-elohe-Israel God, the God of sion Eleph learning Elhanan grace, or gift, or mercifulness of God Eli the content or lifting up Eli Eli, my God, my God Eliab God is my father; God is the parent Eliada knowledge of God Eliah God the Lord Eliahba my God the Father Eliakim resurrection of God Eliam the grouping of God Elias one and the same as Elijah Eliasaph the almighty increaseth Eliashib the God of conversion Eliathah thou art my God Elidad beloved of God Eliel God, my God Elienai the God of my eyes Eliezer help, or court, of my God Elihoreph god of winter, or of youth Elihu he is my God himself Elijah God the Lord, the strong Lord Elika pelecaniform seabird of God Elim the rams; the strong; stags Elimelech my God is competitor Elioenai toward him are mine eyes; or to him are my fountains Eliphal a miracle of God Eliphalet the God of retrieval Eliphaz the endeavor of God Elisabeth Elizabeth, the oath, or fullness, of God Elisha saving of God Elishah it is God; the litterateur of God: God that gives help Elishama God hearing Elishaphat my God judgeth Elisheba selfsame as Elisabeth Elishua God is my saving Eliud God is my praise Elizur God is my strength; my rock; rock of God Elkanah God the zealous; the avidity of God Elkeshai hardiness or rigor of God Ellasar repellent from God Elkoshite a man of Elkeshai Elmodam the God of measure, or of the garment Elnaam God's candour Elnathan God hath given; the gift of God Elohi Elohim, God Elon oak; grove; strong Elon-beth-hanan the habitation of seemliness or ministration Elpaal God's business Elpalet aforementioned as Eliphalet Eltekeh of grace or leniency Elteketh the example of God Eltolad the generation of God ellul cry or outcry Eluzai God is my strength Elymas a magician, a corrupter Elzabad the dowry of God Elzaphan God of the northeast wind Emims fears; terrors; formidable; group Emmanuel God with us Emmaus family hated or obscure Emmor an ass Enam fountain, open place Enan darken En-dor fountain, eye of generation, or of occupancy Eneas worthy En-eglaim eye, or fountain, of calves En-gannim eye, or fountain, of protection or of gardens En-gedi eye, or fountain, of the goat, or of happiness En-haddah immediate sight; well of gladsomeness En-hakkore formation of him that called or prayed En-hazor the pasturage of the recovered En-mishpat structure of judgment Enoch dedicated; punished Enon cloud; mass of darkness; fountain; eye Enos finite man; sick; despaired of; forgetful En-rimmon healthy of oppression En-rogel the fuller's fountain; the symptomless of searching En-shemesh fountain, or eye, of the sun En-tappuah fountain of an apple, or of inflation Epaphras canopied with material Epaphroditus agreeable; good-looking Epenetus laudable; worthy of commendation dry unit weary; tired Epher dust; pb Ephes-dammim effusion of blood Ephesus plummy Eph-lal judging; praying Ephphatha be wide Ephraim fruitful; increasing Ephratah Ephrath, abundance; productive fruit Ephron dust voluptuous human of Epicurus, i.e., of one who gives help Er watcher Eran follower Erastus lovely, amiable Erech length; health; medicament Eri my city Esaias same as Isaiah Esar-haddon that closes the point; joy; cheerfulness son he that acts or finishes Esek contention Esh-baal the fireplace of the idol, or of the ruler Esh-ban fire of the sun Eshcol bunch of grapes Eshean held up Eshek violence, force Eshkalon equal as Askelon Eshtaol a strong cleaning woman Eshtemoa the privateness of a female Esli near me; he who separates Esmachiah connected to the Lord Esrom motion of joy; dissension of a song book secret; secret Etam their bird, their protection Etham their strength; their sign Ethan strong; the share-out of the island Ethanim strong; valiant Ethbaal toward the idol, or with semitic deity organic compound gossip federal democratic republic of blackness; heat Ethnan gift Ethni strong Eubulus prudent; corking advisor Eunice good victory Euodias cherubic scent euphrates river that makes fruitful Eutychus happy; fortunate Eve living; enlivening Evi foul Evil-merodach the simple of Merodach; the fool grinds bitterly Exodus departure out, deed Ezbon fast to infer prophet the strength of God Ezel going abroad; walk Ezem a bone Ezer a help Ezion-geber the wood of the man scrivener help; court Ezri my assistant __________________________________________________________________ Felix happy, easy Festus festive, joyful Fortunatus lucky, fortunate __________________________________________________________________ Gaal contempt; abomination Gaash tempest; flutter Gabbai the back Gabbatha high; overhead archangel God is my strength Gad a band; a troop Gadarenes men of Gadara, i.e., a place surrounded or walled Gaddi my troop; a kid Gaddiel goat of God; the overlord my happiness Gaius lord; an worldly man Galal a roll, a game equipment geographical region white; the color of milk Galeed the great deal of spectator geographic area wheel; modification Gallim who hatful up; who cover Gallio who sucks, or lives on milk Gamaliel recompense of God; artiodactyl of God Gammadims dwarfs Gamul a recompense Gareb a scab Garmites men of Garmi, ie., bones, or, my origin Gatam their lowing; their touch Gath a wine-press Gath-rimmon the high wine-press Gaza strong; a goat Gazabar a treasurer Gazer a dividing; a prison term Gazez a transitory over Gazzam the fleece of them Geba a hill; cup Gebal bound; limit Geber manly, strong Gebim grasshoppers; height Gedaliah God is my greatness Geder Gederah, Gederoth, a physical object Gederothaim hedges Gehazi depression of sight Geliloth rolling, wheel, cumulus Gemalli wares; a camel Gemariah accomplishment or perfection of the Lord Gennesaret plot of ground of the prince book of genesis beginning Genubath theft; larceny Gera pilgrimage, combat; argue Gerar same as Gera Gergesenes those who come from pilgrimage or fight Gerizim cutters, hatchets Gershom a stranger hither Gershon his banishment; the change of journey Geshur Geshuri, sight of the valley; a walled valley Gether the vale of trial or exploratory Gethsemane a absolute fat or abundant valley Geuel God's repayment Gezer dividing, sentence Giah to guide; tie out; produce; a groan or sigh Gibbar strong, masculine Gibbethon a back; a high house Gibeah a construction Gibeon hill; cup; thing raised up Giddel great Gideon he that bruises or breaks; a destroyer Gideoni same as Gideon Gihon valley of grace Gilalai a steering wheel Gilboa revolution of interrogation Gilead the heap or mass of testimony Gilgal wheel; rolling; large indefinite amount Giloh he that rejoices; he that overturns Gimzo that juncus effusus Ginath Ginnetho, a garden Girgashite who arrives from pilgrimage Gispa coming here Gittah-hepher digging; a wine-press Gittaim a wine-press Gittites men of Gath, ie., of a wine-press Goath his touching; his palmy Gob cistern; grasshopper Gog roof; covering golan heights passage; revolution Golgotha a heap of skulls; thing skull-shaped Goliath passage; revolution; cumulus Gomer to finish; complete Gomorrah rebel masses Goshen approaching; drawing near Gozan fleece; pasture; who nourisheth the body Gudgodah happiness Guni a garden; a cover Gur the adolescent of a beast; a litter Gur-baal the governor's litter __________________________________________________________________ Haahashtari a runner Habaiah the concealing of the god almighty prophet he that embraces; a wrestler Habazinaiah a hiding of the protective cover of the swayer Habor a partaker; a companion Hachaliah who waits for the divine Hachilah my soul is in her Hachmoni a owlish man Hadad joy; noise; clamor Hadadezer beauty of aid Hadadrimmon invocation to the god Rimmon Hadar power; greatness Hadarezer cookie-cutter as Hadadezer Hadashah news; a month Hadassah a myrtle; joy Hadid rejoicing; keen Hadlai loitering; impeding Hadoram their beauty; their knowledge Hadrach point; joy of soreness Hagab Hagabah, a grasshopper Hagar a stranger; one that fears aggeus feast; solemnity Haggeri Haggi, a stranger Haggiah the Lord's junket Haggith exultation Hakkatan little Hakkoz a thorn; summer; an end Hakupha a bid of the mouthpiece Halah a moist table Halak part Halhul grief; looking for heartache Hali sickness; a beginning; a cherished stone praise evaluate the Lord Halloesh spoken communication nothing; an enchanter Ham hot; heat; chromatic colour Haman noise; garboil Hamath anger; heat; a wall Hamath-zobah the heat, or the wall, of an army Hammedatha he that troubles the law Hammelech a king; a counselor Hammon heat; the sun Hamonah his multitude; his tumultuousness Hamon-gog the masses of Gog Hamor an ass; clay; dirt Hamoth indignation Hamul godly; clement Hamutal the shadow of his passion Hanameel the propriety that comes from God; endow of God Hanan full of grace Hananeel grace, or gift, of God Hanani my grace; my mercy Hananiah grace; mercy; empower of the master Hanes banishment of grace Haniel the gift of God Hannah gracious; merciful; he that gives Hannathon the gift of properness Hanniel good nature or relief of God Hanoch holy Hanun gracious; soft Hapharaim searching; creating by removal Hara a hill; display forth Haradah fine of dandy fright Haran mountainous nation Harran see Charran Harbonah his destruction; his steel Hareph winter; accuse Harhas anger; high temperature of certainty Harhaiah heat, or anger, of the master Harhur made warming Harim destroyed; votive to God Harnepher the enkindle of a bull; incorporative heat Harod astonishment; reverence Harosheth a forest; agriculture; workmanship; deafness; uncommunicativeness Harsha workmanship; a plant material Harum high; throwing down Harumaph destruction Haruphite slender; sharp Haruz careful Hasadiah the relief of the creator Hashabiah the calculation of the Lord Hashabnah Hashabniah, the silence of the creator Hashem named; a golf stroke to Hashub esteemed; numbered Hashubah estimation; persuasion Hashum silence; their hasting Hashupha spent; made base Hasrah deficient Hatach he that strikes Hathath fear Hatita a bending of sin Hattil wonderful for sin Hattipha thievery Hattush forswearing sin Hauran a hole; liberty; whiteness Havilah that suffers pain; that brings forward Havoth-jair the villages that enlighten Hazael that sees God Hazaiah seeing the god Hazar-addar an jailed generation Hazarenan imprisoned cloud Hazargaddah jailed stripe Hazar-hatticon halfway village; preparation Hazarmaveth dwelling house of death Hazar-shual a wolf's legislature Hazar-susah or susim, the hay-paunch of a horse Hazelelponi regret of countenance Hazeroth villages; palaces Hazezon-tamar graphics nearby to rancour Hazo seeing; prophesying Hazor court; hay Heber one that passes; deadly sin hebrew descendants of Heber Hebron society; friendship Hegai or Hege, meditation; word; groaning; wholeness Helam their army; their difficulty Helbah Helbon, milk, fatness Heldai Heleb, Heled, the world; rustiness Helek part; physical object Helem dreaming; healing Heleph changing; pass play Helez armed; set discharged Heli ascending; climbing up Helkai corresponding as Helek Helkath-hazzurim the piece of ground of hard men, or of rocks Helon window; grief Heman their trouble; tumult; much; in great bit Hen grace; quiet; inactivity Hena troubling Henadad grace of the darling Henoch same as Enoch Hepher a excavator Hephzibah my joy is in her Heres the son; an earthen pot Heresh a woodman Hermas Hermes, Mercury; gain; asylum Hermogenes begotten of quicksilver Hermon anathema; dedicated to demolition male monarch son of a leader Herodion the song of Juno Heshbon invention; diligence Heshmon a hasty messenger letter trembling; dread Hethlon a fearful housing Hezekiah forcefulness of the god almighty Hezer Hezir, a bog; converted Hezrai an entry or hall Hezron the tuck of joy; the division of the song Hiddai a praise; a cry Hiddekel sharp voice; sound Hiel God lives; the life of God Hierapolis holy territorial division Higgaion meditation; consideration Hilen a window; brokenheartedness Hilkiah God is my portion Hillel he that praises Hinnom location they are; their riches Hirah liberty; anger Hiram flock of life; a destroyer Hittite one who is broken; who fears Hivites wicked; wickedness Hizkijah the strength of the divine Hobab favored; loved one Hobah love; friendship; secretiveness Hod praise; written document Hodaiah the appraise of the ruler Hodaviah Hodiah, Hodijah, aforementioned as Hodaiah Hodesh a table; intelligence Hoglah his festival or dance Hoham woe to them Holon a window; heartache Homam devising an uproar Hophin he that covers; my fist Hor who conceives, or shows; a hill Horam their man of affairs Horeb desert; solitude; termination Horem an offering dedicated to God Hor-hagidgad the j. j. hill of appropriateness Hori a prince; free Horims princes; state angry Hormah devoted or sacred to God; double-dyed ending Horonaim angers; ragings Horonites men of anger, or of fury, or of liberty Hosah trusting Hosanna save I pray thee; keep; preserve book Hoshea, savior; safety Hoshaiah the way of the jehovah Hoshama heard; he obeys Hotham a fastening Hothir excelling; unexpended Hukkok engraver; scribe; lawyer Hul pain; feebleness Huldah the world Hupham their chamber; their bank Huppim a chamber covered; the sea-shore Hur liberty; whiteness; opening Huram their liberty; their whiteness; their opening Huri being angry; or same as Huram Hushah hasting; keeping heartsease Hushai their haste; their sensuality; their silence Hushathite Hushim, man of haste, or of quiet Huz counsel; woods; fastened Huzoth streets; populous Huzzab liquefied Hymeneus nuptial; the god of matrimony __________________________________________________________________ Ibhar election; he that is chosen Ibleam ancient people; people dwindling Ibneiah Ibniah, the business enterprise of the Lord; the understanding of the Lord; son by approving Ibri passing over; existence angry; being with childly Ibzan father of a target; father of coldness Ichabod wherever is the glory? or, no honour Iconium coming Idalah the hand of slander, or of verbalise Idbash flowing with honey; the land of end Iddo his band; power; commendation Idumea red; earthy; bloody Igal redeemed; defiled Igeal a redeemer; redeemed; impure Igdaliah the greatness of the creator Iim dozens of Hebrews, or of indignant men Ije-abarim heaps of Hebrews, or of passers period of play Ijon look; eye; fountain Ikkesh forward; unredeemable Illyricum joy; rejoicing Imlah plentitude; feast day Immanuel God with us Immer saying; speaking; a dupe Imnah same as Jimnah Imrah a rebel; waxing bitter; changing Imri speaking; exalting; bitter; a lamb bharat praise; law Iphedeiah purchase of the Lord Ir watchman; city; vision Ira watchman; making bare; pouring out Irad chaotic ass; flock of empire; dragon Iram the outburst of them; a high good deal Iri fire; light Irijah the dread of the creator Irpeel the health, medicine, or prideful of God Irshemesh a urban centre of bondage patriarch vocalization Isaiah the salvation of the Lord Iscah he that anoints Iscariot a man of murder; a employee Ishbak who is empty or fagged Ishbi-benob respiration; conversion; taking unfortunate Ishbosheth a man of shame Ishi salvation Ishiah it is the Lord Ishma named; marveling; deterioration Ishmael God that hears Ishmaiah hearing or obeying the Lord Ishmerai keeper, or obligation Ishod a seemly man Ish-pan hid; broken in two Ish-tob hot man Ishua plainness; coequal Ishmachiah cleaving to the Lord Ispah a opaque gem endocarp kingdom who prevails with God Issachar reward; compensate Isui very as Ishuah Ithai strong; my sign; a plowshare Italy abounding with calves or heifers Ithamar dry land of the palm-tree Ithiel sign, or coming of God Ithmah an orphan Ithran remaining; searching out diligently Ithream excellence of the people Ittah-kazin hour, or time, of a prince Iturea guarded; mountainous Ivah iniquity Izehar Izhar, clearness; oil Izrahiah the lord ariseth; the quality of the ruler Izri fasting; visitation __________________________________________________________________ Jaakan tribulation; labor Jaakobah supplanter; deceiver; the heel Jaala ascending; a little doe or goat Jaalam hidden; newborn man; heir Jaanai answering; afflicting; making hapless Jaasau doing; my doing Jaasiel God's work Jaazaniah whom the godhead intention hear Jaazah Jaazar, helper Jaaziah Jaaziel, the strength of the Lord Jabal which glides away Jabbok evacuation; dissipation; wrestling Jabesh dryness; confusion; shame Jabez sorrow; trouble Jabin Jabneh, he that understands; building Jabneel building of God Jachan wearing out; oppressing Jachin he that strengthens and makes unswerving Jacob that supplants, undermines; the heel Jada knowing Jadau his hand; his confession Jaddua known Jael he that ascends; a kid Jagur husbandman; stranger Jah the everlasting Jahaleel praiseful God; featherlike of God Jahath damaged in pieces; downhill Jahaz Jahazah, quarrel; dispute Jahaziah the vision of the Lord Jahaziel eyesight God Jahdiel the unity, or sharpness, or revenge, of God Jahdo I alone; his joy; his intelligence of wit; his newness Jahleel ready for, or beseeching, or hope in, God Jahmai warm; making warmed Jahzeel God hasteth, or divideth Jair Jairus, my light; who diffuses light Jakan same as Achan Jakim rising; confirming; establishing Jalon tarrying; murmur Jambres poverty; bitter; a grey back James same as francois jacob Jamin right hand; south breathing out Jamlech reigning; interrogative counsel Janna Jannes, who speaks or answers; afflicted; poor Janoah Janohah, resting; tarrying; deriving Janum slumber Japhet enlarged; fair; persuading Japhia enlightening; attendance Japhlet Japhleti, delivered; banished Japho fairness; comeliness Jarah a wood; honeycomb; observance closely Jareb a revenger Jared a ruling; commanding; advent down Jaresiah the bed of the Lord; the creator hath embezzled away; poorness Jarib fighting; chiding; multiplying; avenging Jarmuth fearing, or seeing, or throwing down, death Jarvah breathing, or making, a sweet scent Jashem Jashen, ancient; quiescency Jasher righteous; upright Jashobeam the people sitting; or captivity of the people Jashub a returning; a controversy; a dwelling place Jasiel the strength of God Jason he that cures Jathniel share-out of God Jattir a remnant; first-class javan deceiver; one who makes sad Jazeel strength of God Jazer assistance; helper Jaziz brightness; outward Jearim a leap; woods Jeaterai inquisitory out Jeberechiah address well of, or motion to, the Lord Jebus treading under foot; trough Jebusi trodden under foot; mangers Jecamiah resurrection, or confirmation, or revenge, of the Lord Jecoliah perfection, or power, of the Lord Jeconiah preparation, or stability, of the master Jedaiah the hand of the Lord; confessing the master Jedeiah one Lord; the joy of the Lord Jediael the science, or knowledge, of God Jedidah well beloved; good-humoured Jedidiah love of the Lord Jediel the knowledge, or renewing, of God Jeduthun his law; bighearted assess Jeezer island of help Jegar-sahadutha collection of witness Jehaleleel Jehalelel, complimentary God; clarity of God Jehaziel same as Jahaziel Jehdeiah joy together, one lord Jeheiel God liveth Jehezekel force of God Jehiah the Lord liveth Jehiskiah the strength, or taking, of the maker Jehoadah passing over; evidence of the Lord Jehoaddan pleasure, or time, of the maker Jehoahaz possession of the god Jehoash fire of the overlord Jehohanan grace, or mercy, or gift, of the jehovah Jehoiachin preparation, or strength, of the godhead Jehoiada noesis of the jehovah Jehoiakim avenging, or establishing, or resurrection, of the god Jehoiarib fighting, or multiplying, of the jehovah Jehonadab Jonadab, disentangled giver; liberality Jehonathan gift of the Lord; gift of a dove Jehoram exaltation of the divine Jehoshaphat the ruler is judge Jehosheba fullness, or oath, of the Lord Jehoshua corresponding as Joshua jahweh self-subsisting Jehovah-jireh the Lord mental faculty supply Jehovah-nissi the Lord my banner Jehovah-shalom the master post tranquility Jehovah-shammah the almighty is there Jehovah-tsidkenu the Lord our morality Jehozabad the Lord's dowry; having a dower Jehozadak justice of the master Jehu himself who exists Jehubbah hiding, constipating Jehucal mighty; perfect; wasted Jehud Jehudi, praising; conferring Jehudijah the assess of the swayer Jehush conformity counsel; pegged-down Jekabzeel the congregation of God Jekamean the grouping shall arise Jekamiah establishing, or revenging, of the ruler Jekuthiel hope, or congregation, of the ruler Jemima beautiful as the day Jemuel God's day; son of God Jephunneh he that beholds Jerah the moon; month; perception saccharine Jerahmeel the mercy, or the beloved, of God Jered ruling; future trailing Jeremai my height; throwing forth water book of jeremiah celestial point of the Lord Jeremoth eminences; one that fears modification Jeriah fear, or throwing down, of the Lord Jerebai fighting; chiding; multiplying Jericho his moon; his month; his sweet odour Jeriel fear, or vision of God Jerijah one and the same as Jeriah Jerimoth he that fears or rejects last Jerioth kettles; founder asunder male monarch he that opposes the people Jeroham high; merciful; beloved Jerubbaal he that defends Baal, let Baal protect his cause Jerubbesheth let the god of mix-up protect itself Jeruel fear, or vision of God Jerusalem imaging of harmony Jerusha banished; possession; inheritance Jesaiah health, or salvation, of the Lord Jeshebeab sitting, or captivity, of the forefather Jesher right; singing Jeshimon solitude; desolation Jeshishai ancient; vocalization exceedingly Jeshohaia the Lord pressing; the meditation of God Jeshua self as Joshua Jesiah shower of the lord Jesimiel naming, or astonishment, of God Jesse gift; oblation; one who is Jesui even-tempered; unconditional administrative division Jesus savior; hebrew Jether he that excels Jetheth giving Jethlah hanging up; heaping up Jethro his excellence; his posterity Jetur order; succession; unsmooth Jeuel God hath confiscate away; God heaping up Jeush Jeuz, he that is eaten up Jew same as juda Jezaniah nourishment, or weapons, of the Lord Jezebel plain Jezer island of help Jeziah Jeziel, sprinkling of the godhead Jezoar clear; pure Jezrahiah the Lord arises; luminousness of the almighty Jezneel seed of God Jibsam their drought, their cognitive state Jidlaph he that distills water Jimnah right hand; numbering; preparing Jiphtah starting Jiphthael God first Joab paternity; willing Joah fraternity; member of the godhead Joahaz apprehending; possessing; seeing Joakim future or establishing of the Lord Joanna grace or gift of the almighty Joash who despairs or comedian Joatham same as Jotham Job he that weeps or cries Jobab sorrowful, detested Jochebed glorious; honorable Joed witnessing; robbing; short-lived over Joel he that wills or commands Joelah lifting up; profiting; attractive away accuse Joezer he that aids Jogbehah an exalting; last Jogli passing over; movement back; rejoicing Joha who enlivens or gives life Johanan who is liberal or gracious lavatory the correctitude or compassion of the Lord Joiarib chiding, or multiplying, of the Lord Jokdeam crookedness, or burning, of the people Jokim that made the sun halt motionless Jokmeam confirmation, or revenge, of the people Jokneam possessing, or gathering up, of the people Jokshan an offense; hardness; a sound Joktan diminutive dispute; contention; disgust Jonadab who gives munificently book or Jonas, a dove; he that oppresses; destroyer Jonan a dove; multiplying of the people Jonathan given of God city beauty; comeliness Jorah Jorai, showing; fishing forth; a caldron Joram to cast; elevated jordan river the stream of judgment Jorim he that exalts the Lord Josabad having a dower Josaphat one and the same as Jehoshaphat Jose raised; who pardons Joseph increase; addition Joses same as Jose Joshah being; forgetting; due Joshaviah the seat, alteration, or subjugation of the lord Joshbekesha it is requiring or beseeching Joshua a savior; a deliverer Josiah the god almighty burns; the fire of the Lord Josibiah the seat, or captivity of the maker Josiphiah modification of the Lord; the Lord's finishing Jotham the perfection of the Lord Jothath Jothatha, his goodness Jozabad aforementioned as Josabad Jozachar remembering; of the male sex Jubal he that runs; a trumpet Jucal mighty; cold Judah the value of the Lord; confession Judas Jude, one and the same as geographical area judea Judea, same as Judah book of judith same as Judah Julia downy; soft and tender hair Julius assonant as Julia Junia younker roman deity the father that helpeth Jushabhesed dwelling-place; upshot of mercy Justus just or vertical Juttah change departed __________________________________________________________________ Kabzeel the congregation of God Kadesh sanctity Kadesh-barnea holiness of an volatile son Kadmiel God of antiquity; God of rising Kadmonites ancients; chiefs Kallai light; resting by fire; my voice Kanah of reeds Kareah bald; ice Karkaa floor; liquefaction cold Karkor they rested Karnaim horns Kartah calling; meeting Kedar blackness; sorrow Kedemah oriental; ancient; first Kedemoth antiquity; old age Kehelahath a whole; a collection Keiiah she that divides or cuts Kelaiah voice of the Lord; gathering collectively Kelitah same as Kelaiah Kemuel God hath raised up, or established him Kenah buying; dominion Kenan buyer; individual Kenaz this purchase; this lament Kenites possession; purchase; activity Kenizzites possession; buy Keren-happuch the horn or tyke of visual aspect Kerioth the cities; the callings Keros crooked; crookedness Keturah that makes the incense to fume Kezia superficies; the angle; cassia Keziz end; extremity Kibroth-hattaavah the robert ranke graves of sexual desire Kibzaim congregating Kidron obscure; making evil or sad Kinah corresponding as Kenah Kir a city; wall; meeting Kirharaseth Kirharesh, city of the sun; wall of burnt good person Kirioth equal as Kerioth Kirjath city; vocation; social affair Kirjathaim the two cities; callings; or meetings Kirjath-arba city of four; fourth municipality Kirjath-arim territorial division of those who watch Kirjath-baal city of Baal, or of a ruler Kirjath-huzoth municipality of streets; populous administrative division Kirjath-jearim municipality of woods Kirjath-sannah city of enmity, or of a blackberry ligneous plant Kirjath-sepher city of letters, or of the book Kish hard; difficult; straw; for age Kishi hardness; his gravity; his offense Kishion hardness; soreness Kishon hard; sore Kithlish it is a wall; the company of a lioness Kitron production sweet; medical aid jointly Kittim breaking; bruising small; gold; coloring Koa hope; a congregation; a line; a concept Kohath congregation; wrinkle; bluntness Kolariah means of the almighty Korah baldness; ice; rime Kushaiah equal as Kishi __________________________________________________________________ Laadah to create together; to testify; passing period of play Laadan for pleasure; devouring; judgment choreographer white; shining; gentle; brittle Labana the moon; whiteness; olibanum Lachish who walks, or exists, of himself Lael to God; to the mighty Lahad praising; to admit Lahairoi who liveth and seeth me Lahmam their bread; their war Lahmi my bread; my war Laish a lion Lamech poor; made low Laodicea conscionable grouping Lapidoth enlightened; lamps Lasea thick; advised Lashah to call; to bless Lazarus assist of God Leah weary; all in lebanese republic white, odourise Lebaoth lividness Lebbeus a man of heart; praising; confessing Lebonah corresponding as Labana Lehabim flames; inflamed; swords Lehi chew the fat Lekah walking; going Lemuel God with them, or him Leshem a name; putting; a precious rock Letushim hammermen; filemen Leummim countries; without water Levi associated with him Libnah white; white Libni same as Libnah Libya the courageousness of the sea; fat Linus net Lo-ammi not my people Lod nativity; genesis Lois better Lo-ruhamah not having obtained mercy; not pitied Lot Lotan, wrapt up; hidden; covered; myrrh; rosin Lubin mettle of a man; bravery of the sea george lucas Lucius, luminous; light lucifer transferral light Lud Ludim, same as Lod Luhith successful of sheet saint luke luminous; covered Luz separation; departure; an almond Lycaonia she-wolf Lydda Lydia, a still pool Lysanias that drives forth sorrowfulness Lysias dissolving Lysimachus scattering the battle Lystra that dissolves or disperses __________________________________________________________________ Maachah pressed down; worn; pegged-down Maachathi broken Maadai pleasant; testifying Maadiah pleasantness; the testimonial of the ruler Maai belly; heaping up Maale-akrabbim ascent of scorpions Maarath den; making empty; watching Maaseiah the job of the god Maasiai the defense, or strength, or trait of the god Maath wiping away; breaking; fearing; smiting Maaz wood; awkward Macedonia burning; worship Machbenah Machbanai, poverty; the smiting of his son Machi poor; a smiter Machir selling; willful Machnadebai smiter Machpelah double Madai a measure; judging; a tog Madian judgment; striving; covering; chiding Madmannah criterion of a gift; preparation of a garment Madon a chiding; a garment; his criterion Magbish excelling; height Magdala tower; bigness Magdalene a person from Magdala Magdiel declaring God; elite group fruit of God Magog covering; roof; dissolving Magor-missabib fear on all part Magpiash a trunk thrust hard together Mahalah Mahalath, sickness; a company of dancers; a retell Mahaleleel praising God Mahali infirmity; a harp; amnesty Mahanaim tents; two fields; two armies Mahanehdan tents of judgment Mahanem a human Maharai hasting; a hill; from a hill Mahath comparable as Maath Mahavites declaring a message; marrow Mahaz an end; ending; organic process hope Mahazioth seeing a sign; visual modality a letter Maher-shalal-hash-baz devising hurrying to the spoil; he hastens to the quarry Mahlah Mahli, Mahlon, same as Mahali Makas duplicate as Mahaz Makheloth assemblies; congregations Makkedah worshiping; burning; raised; crookedness book of malachi my messenger; my angel Malcham Malchom, their king; their counselor Malchiah Malchijah, the god almighty my king, or my counselor Malchiel God is my king, or supervisor Malchus my king, kingdom, or counselor Maleleel same as Mahaleleel Mallothi fullness; abscission Malluch reigning; counseling imaginary being riches Mamre rebellious; bitter; set with trees Manaen a comforter; a someone Manahethites my lady; my patrician of portion Manasseh forgetfulness; he that is forgotten Manoah rest; a present Maon house; place of sin Mara Marah, bitter; gustatory sensation Maralah sleep; a sacrifice of myrrh; ascension Maranatha the divine is coming Marcus polite; shining Mareshah from the beginning; an inheritance rating equal as Marcus Maroth bitterness Marsena gall of a bramble Martha who becomes bitter; agitative jewess same as Miriam feed equal as Meshech Mashal a parable; governance Masrekah whistling; hissing Massa a burden; anticipation Massah temptation Matred wand of government Matri rain; prison Mattan Mattana, Mattenai, gifts; rains Mattaniah gift, or hope, of the god Mattatha his talent Mattathias the gift of the Lord Matthan equal as Mattan Matthanias very as Mattaniah Matthal gift; he that gives gospels given; a welfare Matthias Mattithiah, same as Mattathias Mazzaroth the 12 signs of the zodiac Meah a hundred cubits Mearah den; cave; making blank Mebunnai son; building; understanding Mecherath selling; cognition Medad he that measures; urine of beloved Medan judgment; process Medeba body fluid of grief; amnionic fluid springing up Media measure; habit; covering Megiddo his wanted fruit; declaring a message Megiddon self as Megiddo Mehetabel how good is God Mehida a riddle; sharpness of wit Mehir a approving Mehujael who proclaims God Mehuman production an uproar; a multitude Mejarkon the ethel waters of Jordan Mekonah a foot of a pillar; provision Melatiah deliverance of the Lord Melchi my king; my counsel Melchiah God is my king Melchi-shua challenger of health; splendid rival Melchizedek challenger of jurist Melea supplying; supplied Melech king; counselor Melita affording honey Mellicu his kingdom; his counsellor Melzar circumcision of a tapered place, or of a bond metropolis abode of the good Memucan impoverished; to prepare; certain; true Menahem comforter; who conducts them; preparation of warmth Menan numbered; rewarded; prepared Mene who reckons or is counted Meonenim charmers, regarders of time Mephaath appearance, or force, of binary compound Mephibosheth out of my formation proceeds reproach Merab he that fights or disputes Meraioth bitterness; rebellious; ever-changing Merari bitter; to provoke Mercurius an orator; an somebody Mered rebellious, ruling Meremoth bitterness; gum myrrh of end Meres defluxion; imposthume Meribah dispute; argufy Meribbaal he that resists Baal; rebellion bel-merodach acrimonious sorrow Merodach-baladan bitter contrition, without judgment Merom eminences; elevations Meronothite my singing; rejoicing; supporting direction Meroz secret, leanness Mesha burden; rescue Meshach that draws with force Meshech who is drawn by military force Meshelemiah peace, or perfection, of the jehovah Meshezaheel God taking away; the salvation of God Meshillamith peaceable; perfect; bountiful once more Meshullam peaceable; perfect; their parables Mesobaite the Lord's standing-place; a dinky doe Mesopotamia between two rivers male monarch anointed Metheg-ammah respond of bondage Methusael who demands his death Methusaleh he has sent his death Meunim dwelling-places; afflicted Mezahab gilded Miamin the right hand Mibhar chosen; early days Mibsam perception cloying Mibzar defending; forbidding; taking away book of micah poor; humble Micaiah who is like to God?

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